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Creative Diversions

Vault of Diversions

Vault of Diversions

In case you’ve wondered where all of those fantastic diversions from the past have gone, we’ve put them here—in our Vault of Diversions. The “We are Sinking...” video, the “Fingerpoken” sign and all the rest of your favorite past diversions are right here. Simply click on any item in the list to re-visit your old friends.

  • The 'Fantastic Machine'

  • Staff Motivational Program

  • German Coastguard - 'We are Sinking' (courtesy of YouTube)

  • Music
  • 'Drive & Control song' from Hannover Fair 2007

  • Signs
  • 'Fingerpoken' sign

  • Top Ten Lists
  • You Know You’re an Engineer if...

  • Top Ten Reasons to Date an Engineer

  • Top Ten Reasons NOT to Date an Engineer

  • Rexroth's Most Exciting Projects

  • Top Ten Computer Viruses

  • Top Ten Funny English Translations

  • Top Ten Rexroth White Papers

  • News & Press
  • Creative Diversions in the News
  • The Vault

    Top Ten Lists

    Musical Diversions

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