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Creative Diversions: The Fun Side of Engineering

>  Bosch Rexroth knows that all work and no play makes for a very dull workplace. We also know, because we’re an engineering company, that often the best ideas spring from playful creativity.

In that spirit, we’ve created this area, Creative Diversions, to celebrate the fun side of engineering and engineers. You’ll find our Top Ten lists (hey, check out our Facts about U.S. Presidents), as well as a number of other fun items to help you relax, rewind, and refresh. Besides our great products, it’s our contribution to the world of engineers.

What’s New?

Test your engineering knowledge with our new, super-tough quiz. Don't worry. It won't affect your final grade. It just might affect how much you get done at work today!

Also, we pulled together some of our favorite Winter photos, including photos of Bosch Rexroth plants across the US. So, take a peek, stay warm and if you've got Winter photos of your own to share, send them to us.

Looking for Earlier Diversions?

We just can’t let go of great material. So everything you’ve ever seen at CD goes into The Vault once it’s no longer featured on the front page. So check it out. You’ll find your favorite funny videos, the fantastically funny “Germlish” engineering sign, and all the rest.

Get details about Bosch Rexroth's involvement in Sustainable Manufacturing >

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