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Rexroth Resource Kits
Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit

Expert insight and technology for today’s demanding mobile machinery markets

Improve the efficiency, versatility and performance of your next generation machines through the advanced hydraulics technology and cutting-edge engineering solutions from the world leader in Mobile Hydraulics Solutions: Bosch Rexroth.

Your Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit contains a specially-selected archive of articles, videos, product information and online resources focused on the challenges mobile machine designers face today.

Whether for improving energy efficiency, responding to the demands of TIER 4 Final in 2014 or simply creating a better machine, these resources can help you engineer cutting-edge solutions – from construction machinery to commercial on-highway, and from agricultural equipment to material handling mobile machines.

Benefit from the unique engineering solutions Bosch Rexroth has developed for some of today’s most demanding mobile technology – like a free download of our Compact Hydraulics Configuration Tool. You’ll also receive informative case studies that demonstrate how Rexroth’s mobile hydraulics technology has benefitted leading machine builders and end-users in multiple industries.

Special Offer: Included in your Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit is our new 44-page Oil Cleanliness Pocket Reference Guide, with useful information on filtration basics, maintenance, ISO standards, contaminants and more.

The Mobile Hydraulics Solutions Kit includes:

Past & Future: Case Studies and Plans for Growth
  • Viewpoint: Manufacturing and Logistics Excellence are Key to Advancing Off-Highway Growth - Berend Bracht, CEO, Bosch Rexroth Americas
  • Bosch Rexroth opens its largest hydraulics production campus in North America - Bosch Rexroth USA
  • Mining a Miracle: Schramm drilling rig frees Chilean miners
  • New simulation rig helps “tighten” racecar performance
  • Mining machine transporter: 200 tons of sheer strength
  • EECV keeps expanding: Hägglunds Direct Drives carry the load
Current Technology: Technical Papers
  • The new generation of downsizing
  • CHoose your compact mobile hydraulics solution
  • Mobile Machines: Options for driving hydraulic pumps
  • BODAS – Networking of hydraulics and mobile electronics
  • ML-18 Mobile Loader Valve
  • High-Efficiency Traction control for compact vehicles
  • Boost the effectiveness of exhaust gas treatment
  • Shift on Fly for hydrostatic transmissions
Try It Yourself: Tools & Online Resources
  • Control Software: BODAS Service Tool (Demo — install to PC)
  • Control Software: BODAS Programming Tool (Demo — install to PC)
  • Filtration & Oil Cleanliness Portal
  • M4 Directional Control Valve Configurator
  • External Gear Unit Configurator
  • CHoose: Our Compact Hydraulics Configuration Tool - Web link to CHoose site - get the free download!
Watch and Share: Links to Online Videos
  • The Challenge of TIER 4 Final – Rexroth solution overview
  • Mobile Hydraulic Solutions – Functional Model
  • SILENCE PLUS External Gear Pumps
  • A1VO Variable Displacement Pump
  • Hägglunds CBM – The most powerful direct drive in the world
  • Hydrostatic fan drive systems
  • Hydraulic Start-Stop (HSS)
  • High Efficiency Traction Control (HET)
  • Hydromechanical Variable Transmission (HVT)
  • 8000 Series Transmission Units for Pavers
  • Shift on Fly (SOF)

Now & Future: Informative Presentations (Mobile 2012 Conference)
  • A Boost in Productivity – Updated Solutions for Compact Excavators
  • Power and the Sound of Silence – The Latest Pump Developments
  • Doing More with Less – The Next Generation of Downsizing
  • Gear Up – The Latest Development in Transmission Units
  • A New Dimension in Four-Wheel Driving – Hydraulic Traction Assistant for Trucks
  • Don’t Stop – Shift on Fly
  • From Components to Systems – Hydromechanical Variable Transmission
  • Electronics in Mobile Machinery – Hydraulics… What Now?
  • Keep it Simple – Hydraulic Hybrid Solutions
  • Speed! CHoose your Compact Hydraulics Solution
Literature Links
  • High-efficiency hydraulic solutions for TIER 4 Final
  • Rexroth 4EE for energy efficiency
  • A1VO Variable Axial Piston Pump
  • Rineer High Torque Vane Motors
  • Load-sensing M4 control block – get it through the Rapid Production Program!
  • Tough application, ingenious solution – Innovations from Bosch Rexroth
  • Service and Repair – Expert Rexroth Technology Centers
  • Step into the future with Hägglunds CBM
  • Control Block EDC – Flow Sharing System
  • Mobile Electronics - AFC45 Fan Control Software for the RC4-5 Controller
  • Mobile Electronics - DSD45 Dual Solenoid Driver Software for the RC4-5 Controller
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