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Case Studies Archive
Case Studies Discover how companies across a broad spectrum of industries – from food and packaging, to automotive, to machine tools, plastics and electronics — use our technology to introduce new products, achieve greater manufacturing flexibility and transform their business performance. Click on a column head to sort the stories by category.
  Technology   Industry   Application Summary   Company   Products   Date Added
Electric Drives & Controls    Printing and Converting New Corrugraph sheet-fed corrugated flexo press with shaftless servo drive technology KBA North America SYNAX200 shaftless servo system 2006
Electric Drives & Controls    Machine Tool PC-based control used in trunnion machine City Machine MTC200 CNC control system, BTV6 HMI, RECO12 I/O modules 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Semiconductor / Medical Instrumentation Advanced Bosch Rexroth motion control enables electron microscope specimen stage movement at nanometer rates of speed — approximately the speed of growth of human hair. FEI NYCe4000 motion control system 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Packaging Cambopak cartoner uses intelligent drives with integrated safety technology Van Genechten Nicolaus (Belgium) IndraDrive C drives, IndraDyn motors, PPC-R22 controller, VisualMotion software 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Production Line Automation Servo drive and motor retrofit speeds thermoforming line Whirlpool Corporation DKC EcoDrives , MKD servo motors; Drive-Top commissioning software 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Metalworking Tube and profile bending machines use intelligent servo drives with safe motion on board from Bosch Rexroth Mewag IndraDrives 2008
Electric Drives & Controls    Machine Tool Bosch Rexroth IndraMotion MTX control system improves functionality and productivity of high-precision linear CNC transfer machining system Mikron Machining Technologies IndraMotion MTX CNC control system, IEC 61131-3 PLC IndraLogic, IndraDrive servo drives with Safety on Board, SERCOS 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing High-performance Rexroth motion control platform helps semiconductor inspection and packaging machine boost productivity and set new industry throughput record Systemation FirePoint IEEE 1394 system, part of the Rexroth NYCe family of motion controllers 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Packaging Aseptic filling machine incorporates compact design and innovative drive concept with trendsetting safety technology SIG Asbofill IndraMotion for Packaging Advanced, IndraDrive digital servos with Safety-on-Board and SafeMotion, SERCOS, IndraLogic IEC 61131-3 PLC, Profibus-DP 2007
Electric Drives & Controls    Stonecutting Stonecutting saw / waterjet machine uses integrated motor / drive and CNC system for faster build time and improved stonecutting production. Advanced Industrial Machinery (AIM) and Elite Installation and Designs, Inc. IndraMotion MTX CNC system, IndraDrive Mi integrated motor/drive, IndraControl VSP industrial PC / HMI, SERCOS, IndraDrive, 2008
Electric Drives and Controls    Packaging Bosch Rexroth servo system manages motion axes for maximum productivity and pack pattern flexibility on Thiele's new cartoner Thiele Technologies / Modelo Brewery MKD servo motors, DKC servo drives, PPC motion controller, VisualMotion control software 2007
Hydraulics - Mobile    Special Applications Bosch Rexroth hydraulics power 2WD motorcycle Ohlins / Yamaha A2FM5 motor 2007
Hydraulics - Mobile    Mining Bosch Rexroth mobile hydraulics help drive powerful caterpillar transporter vehicle Fugo MC6-Controller, A6VM500 motor, A4VG250 pump, A11V075 pump 2007
Hydraulics - Mobile    Civil Aviation New towbar-less towing tractor for world's largest passenger aircraft powered by Bosch Rexroth hydraulics TLD A4VG axial piston pumps, A6VM axial piston variable displacement motors, hydro-mechanic traction drive control system 2007
Hydraulics – Industrial    Metalforming Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system on a new press line for Miele appliance maker helped them integrate existing press with five new presses to improve manufacturing process for appliance panels. Miele / Läpple A4VSO 355 LR2NT variable displacement axial piston pump, A10VSO 18 DR axial piston pump, GF2-011 internal gear pump, PVV4-1X/082 vane pump, 4WRZE 32 E520 proportional valve, 4WRTE 25 E350P directional valve, IH20 control block 2007
Hydraulics – Industrial    Plastics Industrial Hydraulics closed loop digital control used to adjust pressure forces and eliminate waste in blown and cast film application. Davis Standard VT HACD controller 2008
Hydraulics – Industrial    Civil Engineering Hydraulics key to tunnel boring machine for big city projects Construction and Tunneling Services, Inc. / Traylor Bros. 6V355 motors, 7V355 pumps, CIMS measuring, Ceramax cylinders 2004
Hydraulics – Industrial    Metalforming Bosch Rexroth helps retrofit world's largest indirect extrusion press from water to oil hydraulics Universal Alloy Corp. Hydraulic system, AAVS0500HS pumps, 4WRZE32 valve, LCT and LFT valves, power unit, manifold 2006
Hydraulics – Industrial    Marine and Workboat Hydraulically-driven winches for deep water anchor system Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company Proportional directional valve, hydraulic controls 2007
Hydraulics – Industrial    Automotive Manufacturing Global partnership, support are key to Schuler's new compact crossbar transfer press Schuler, Inc. Hydraulic manifolds, MX4 controller 2007
Hydraulics – Industrial    General Automation Bosch Rexroth hydraulics improve cycle speed on car wash machine D&S Manufacturing, Inc./JH Foster GPM gear pump, D03 manifold and directional valve 2007
Hydraulics – Industrial    Entertainment Hydraulics used to simulate rolling ship for world famous Master and Commander motion picture production Hydraulic Controls Inc. (HCI) and Commander Production Ltd. HYVOS simulation software, AA10VSO140 pumps, 4WRZ25 proportional valves, VT11011 driver modules 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Packaging Rexroth linear modules and Ball Rail® system help laner handle high acceleration and load requirements Hartness International MKR 20-80 belt drive linear modules, Ball Rail® system 2006
Linear Motion & Assembly    Plastics Extruded aluminum framing systems save time and money for plastics manufacturing machine builder KASS Automation/ Minarik Corp. Bosch Rexroth Extruded Aluminum Framing Systems 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Woodworking Bosch Rexroth Ball Rail and Ball Screw System drive world's fastest CNC wood router C.R. Onsrud Ball Rail Systems, ball screws 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Medical PSK miniature linear motion modules improve machining solution in dental laboratory KaVo Dental Excellence PSK linear modules 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Metalworking Ball Rails add precision to Ferrous Cutoff Saw Metlsaw Ball Rail Systems, RailSeal 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Woodworking Ball Rail Systems and Ball Screws add precision to commercial woodworking machinery KVAL, Inc. SEM-E-S precision ball screws, profiled rails 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Medical Aluminum structural framing used in Lithotripter kidney stone medical device ESWL Products, Inc. Aluminum framing, FMSsoft modeling software 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Automotive Manufacturing TS4plus assembly conveyor system used in car seat manufacturing Faurecia TS4plus Conveyors 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Assembly Hands-on Integrated automation systems laboratory designed for students at ISU Illinois State University Aluminum structural framing, VarioFlow modular chain conveyors 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Assembly Bosch Rexroth Manual Production System components speed assembly of AC units using aluminum framing and roller linking system Pfannenberg GmBH Aluminum structural framing and EcoFlow roller links 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Packaging Conveyor system improves efficiency of package transport between stations United Biscuit VarioFlow Modular Conveyors 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Packaging Bosch Rexroth conveyor workpiece pallets prove to be sturdy, reliable and easy to implement in golf ball packaging operation Wilson Sporting Goods TSplus conveyors 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Assembly Airline passenger seat manufacturer nearly tripled its production rate by converting its assembly line from batch and queue to continuous flow manufacturing using a series of assembly stations. C & D Zodiac Aluminum structural framing 2007
Linear Motion & Assembly    Aerospace Aluminum structural framing helps test new technologies being developed for space elevator orbital transport system Spaceward Foundation Aluminum structural framing 2007
Linear Motion and Assembly    Machine Tool Bosch Rexroth ball screw leads to more precise method of honing engine parts Sunnen Products Ball screws 2007
Multiple Technology    Metalworking Ingersoll deep fillet rolling machine uses Rexroth integrated axis control valves and MTX controller to improve precision, reduce machine size Ingersoll CM Systems, Inc. IAC-R valves, IndraMotion MTX CNC, SERCOS, Profibus DP, IndraDrive servo drives, IPC40, 15-inch HMI 2006
Multiple Technology    Packaging Bottom-loading casepacker uses linear motion and servo drive system from Bosch Rexroth for increased performance, reduced machine size, and reduced need for maintenance. Sabel Engineering / Massman Automation CKR modules, Ball Rail guides, IndraWorks, IndraControl VEP HMI, EcoDrive intelligent servo drives, MKD servo motors, PPC controller, inline I/O modules 2008
Multiple Technology    Semiconductor Bosch Rexroth simplifies the design and construction of new wafer lift sub-assembly Major semiconductor equipment manufacturer (unnamed) BRL Ball Rail, ball screw; BRC EcoDrive Cs drive, MSM compact servo motor, DeviceNet 2006
Multiple Technology    Automotive Manufacturing Pneumatics with Ethernet/IP chosen for destacker facility to simplify connectivity and provide higher performance High Production Technology / DaimlerChrysler DDL, 261 series manifolds with Ethernet; EcoDrives, DIAX04 drives, PPC controller, VisualMotion software, MKD and MHD rotary motors, IndraDynL linear motors, MKR linear modules, Ball Rail Systems, SERCOS 2007
Multiple Technology    Assembly High-precision Cartesian Motion System (CMS) created for medical products assembly in existing production facility behr GmbH CMS Multiple Axis Motion System, Compact CKK linear motion modules, EcoDrive Cs, MSM motors 2007
Multiple Technology    Assembly Flexible assembly platform and advanced controls improve manufacturing for tire safety sensors Schrader Electronics TS2plus Flexible Transfer System (ESD compatible), IndraControl VSP 40 HMI controller 2007
Multiple Technology    Packaging Integrated motor and drive, control, and pneumatics platform improves modularity, reduces noise and saves on space and wiring needs for FFS pouching machine. KHS Flexible Packaging IndraDrive Mi integrated motor and drive, PPC-R controller with motion logic and robotics, HF03-LG pneumatic valve manifold, Series AS FRL 2008
Pneumatics    Packaging Pneumatic components from Bosch Rexroth ensure precise positioning for pour-spouts in cartoner machine SIG Combibloc, Inc Valves and cylinders 2007
Pneumatics    Packaging Rexroth washdown pneumatic valves used in gravity-fill bottle filler, helping increase production, improve equipment sanitation, and lower maintenance costs Evergreen Packaging Equipment CL03 pneumatic valves, AS-series air-preparation system 2008
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