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Electric Drives and Controls
PAC Automation Systems
IndraMotion PAC systems
IndraMotion motion logic systems

Programmable automation controllers (PAC) move to the next level with the Rexroth IndraMotion family of combined motion-logic systems. Innovative software and firmware functions, combined with an advanced set of controller-based, PC-based and drive-based solutions, give you maximum flexibility to configure the perfect motion control solution for your application. Plus, Rexroth offers multiple industry-specific IndraMotion platforms to support the unique requirements of industries such as food and packaging, semiconductor and printing and converting.
IndraMotion MLC
IndraMotion MLC
Featured Product: IndraMotion MLC

The compact Rexroth IndraMotion MLC motion-logic system gives you any freedom you wish for your consistent and modern machine automation. Innovative software and firmware functions, easy engineering and open system interfaces provide maximum flexibility in all motion applications. IndraMotion MLC offers:
  • Integrated runtime system with motion, robot and logic controls
  • Freely scalable for centralized or decentralized solutions with a flexible control platform
  • Open connectivity Ethernet, PROFINET RT, Ethernet/IP
  • Ready-to-use kinematics help you to implement your applications
  • Innovative motion function FlexProfile for complex motion sequences
  • Robot control provides full functionality for multi-axis path interpolation in space
  • Control of up to 64 drives
Find out how IndraMotion MLC can help you - including a demo of setup in IndraWorks. Watch the video!

Learn more about IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion Motion/Logic Systems

To satisfy the diverse cost, engineering and motion control and logic requirements across multiple industries, Rexroth’s IndraMotion motion/logic system offers three motion and logic platforms: Drive-based, PC-based, and controller (PLC)-based solutions.

 IndraMotion Platforms  Description 
 Controller-based IndraMotion MLC Rack-based integrated system with motion control, PLC and technology function blocks 

Industry-Specific Platforms

Your industry has unique processes, and unique motion and automation requirements. That is why Rexroth offers a robust set of industry-specific platforms, pre-configured with function blocks and technology features that satisfy those unique needs.

 Industry-Specific Platforms  Description 
 IndraMotion for Handling Ideal system solution for efficient coordinated-axis motion in fully-automated production environments 
 IndraMotion for Metal Forming Modular, scalable system solution for especially cost-effective single-axis and multiple-axes applications of cut to length line and flying cutting devices 
 IndraMotion for Packaging Automate a wide array of food and packaging systems – from in feed systems to palletizers 
 IndraMotion for Plastics Automation solution for the Plastic and injection molding industry 
 IndraMotion for Printing Automation solution for the printing and converting industry 
 IndraMotion for Trans Automation solution for the line transfer line applications (replaces/upgrades existing Trans01 systems) 
 NYCe 4000 – Medical and Semiconductor Automation solutions for semiconductor and medical 

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Case Study
Tea bag packaging machine
Automation & Motion Control Increases Tea Packaging Production (PDF 292 KB)
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