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Aluminum Structural Framing
Download the Latest Aluminum Framing Catalog
Download the Latest Aluminum Framing Catalog Bosch Rexroth's Aluminum Structural Framing products are available through our catalog, v7.0, below or through our online Aluminum Framing Shop at www.boschrexroth-us.com/framing.

Rexroth's online Aluminum Framing Shop provides product specifications and pricing, CAD files and is the easiest, most convenient way to order Rexroth Aluminum Framing. Each order placed online is handled directly by your local distributor.

Buy Aluminum Framing Online

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Catalog Download By Section

Section 1 - Introduction, Ecoshape & Contents (7.06MB)Section 10 - EcoFlow & Transfer Components (1.90MB)
Section 2 - Profiles (9.58MB)Section 11 - Ergonomic Workplace Equipment (6.29MB)
Section 3 - Profile Connectors (7.05MB)Section 12 - Accessories (741KB)
Section 4 - Fasteners (1.38MB)Section 13 - EcoSlide Carriages & Bearings (1.13MB)
Section 5 - Doors & Door Components (2.33MB)Section 14 - Dynamic Linear Elem. (2.66MB)
Section 6 - EcoSafe™ Guarding & Enclosures (2.98MB)Section 15 - Tools (862KB)
Section 7 - Floor to Frame Elements (1.88MB)Section 16 - Technical Specifications (698KB)
Section 8 - Air Supply Elements (1.16MB)Section 17 - Part Number Index and Charts (167KB)
Section 9 - Caps/Finishing Elements (704KB)

A preview of what’s to come - download sections or the full version 13.0

Section 1 - TOC & Intro (2.3MB)
Section 2 - Strut Profiles (11MB)
Section 3 - Connection Elements (10.6MB)
Section 4 - Joints (1.1MB)
Section 5 - Air Supply Elements (1.4MB)
Section 6 - Feet and Wheels (2.4MB)
Section 7 - Support of Surface Elements (1.1MB)
Section 8 - Doors and Fittings (3.1MB)
Section 9 - Accessories for Protective Barriers (1.6MB)
Section 10 - Protective Barriers and Partition Walls Ecosafe (5MB)
Section 11 - Installation Elements (182KB)
Section 12 - Elements for Manual Movement (5MB)
Section 13 - Linear Guides (7.8MB)
Section 14 - Tools (411KB)
Section 15 - FiFo Station (253KB)
Section 16 - Components for Lateral Guides (2MB)
Section 17 - Components for ESD Applications (627KB)
Section 18 - Proximity Switches and Switch Brackets (629KB)
Section 19 - Technical Data (1MB)

Download complete PDF (55MB)
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