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Aluminum Structural Framing
Your Rexroth Distributor
With 88 different high-strength T-slotted aluminum extrusions and a broad selection of accessories to choose from, your Rexroth distributor can help you add maximum flexibility, movement, and utility to all your applications.

While anyone can sell you framing, your local Rexroth distributor offers the easiest and most effective way to get aluminum framing anywhere-with an integrated, single-source solution for every application and load requirement.

Matching the Right Components to your Needs

Rexroth distributors are factory-trained experts in structural framing and can design and build framing solutions for any application. Their knowledge and experience is supplemented by direct access to all of Bosch Rexroth's resources. This immense knowledge base helps them maximize the performance of your application and results in the most productive level of local service and support you'll find anywhere.

By working directly with customers at the local level and understanding your real needs, our distributors are able to provide personal service and accommodate special customer requirements with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Rexroth distributors map: Find your local Rexroth Distributor
Working with your Rexroth Distributor is Simple:

  • Factory-trained experts in structural framing design and application
  • Complete inventory of all common components and accessories in stock
  • Framing solutions available in bulk, kit form or fully assembled and delivered to your site
  • 88 different high-strength, anodized aluminum extrusions and a complete range of accessories
  • Faster specifying, ordering, and delivery through the Framing Application Support Team
  • Full-service, local CAD support
  • Complete online framing shop support
Find your Local Rexroth Distributor
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