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TS Conveyors - Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing
Modular Conveyors for Flexible Manufacturing Why Choose Rexroth Conveyors?
  • Leading supplier of assembly conveyors
  • Includes automotive, electric, medical & appliance industries
  • Customers include Apple, Ford, GM, Hewlett Packard, IBM & many more
  • Online Solid Models & CAD Library
  • Free AutoCADĀ®-based design package - FMSsoft
Select a Conveyor System

Our pallet based conveyors are divided into 3 categories based on pallet size and item weight. Use the links below to find the best conveyor system for your application:

TS1 Conveyors - for payloads to 3kg

TSplus Conveyors - for payloads to 70kg

TS4plus Conveyors - for payloads to 250kg

TS5 Conveyors - for payloads to 300kg

TS 2pv Conveyors - for transport of solar panels
New Conveyor Products!

TS5 & TS6 Conveyors
- Read Press Release
- Get Catalog
- Download Brochure

Download Resources

View, download or order FREE catalogs and brochures in PDF format

View or download TSplus and VarioFlow videos

Download 2D/3D CAD Files

TSplus CAD files
TS4plus CAD files
TS1 CAD files
Service Information

Request a Tune-up
Contact TS Conveyor support at 269.697.5300

Spare Parts

Download Preventive Maintenance Guide

Download Spare Parts documentation (for legacy conveyors)

Get MTparts - Spare Parts CD (for current, catalog level conveyors)

Important Safety Notice
Please read an Important Conveyor Product Safety Announcement
New! TS5 Powered Roller Conveyor
TS5 Powered Roller Conveyor
Download our TS5 Powered Roller Conveyor Brochure
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