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EcoShape Tubular Framing
GoTo EcoShape Tubular Framing
Features of Rexroth's Ecoshape Tubular Framing include:
- Easy handling: cut and assemble on site
- Recyclable aluminum profiles
- Only 14 standard components
- ESD-conductive material
- Modular system based on the kaizen principle
- Time-saving, error-free assembly (poka yoke)
- Fast planning with MTpro software

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Ecoshape Tubular Framing
Material Description  Number  Maximum Quantity  Shipment (Business Days) 
Bottle holder, ESD 3842540429 
Cable Carrier for 10mm T-slots 3842526564 200 
Cable Carrier for 8mm T-slots 3842526565 50 
Cable conduit 45x45, 2000mm 3842523014 10 
Information board 3842517164 
Lettering clip 22x102mm 3842537650 20 
Lettering clip 38x102mm 3842537651 20 
Removable transparent sleeves(Lot size 10)  3842539839 30 
0 - 90 D28 Connector 3842543480 20 
Adapter, N10/30 3842541190 20 
Adapter, N10/45 3842541187 20 
Adapter, XLEAN Rail Holder 3842541296 20 
Bumper for D28 Round Tube 3842544637 10 
Cap Cover, D28L, BLACK ESD 3842541195 60 
Connector, 0°-90° 3842541178 20 
Connector, 45° 3842541175 20 
Connector, 90° 3842541173 200 
Connector, Cross 3842541181 20 
Connector, Parallel 3842541183 20 
Diecast Zinc VARIOFIX Block 3842543494 20 
EcoShape Starter Kit 3842555000 
N8, N10 Adapter 3842543272 20 
Pipe Clamp, D28 N10 3842541193 20 
Polymer VARIOFIX Block 3842543311 20 
Section Tube, D28L L=5600MM 3842541212 50 
Section Tube, D28L 50X5600 3842541211 
Section Tube, D28L/N10 L=5600MM 3842541214 20 
Section Tube, D28L/N10 20X5600 3842541213 
Slide Rail, GREY L=2000MM 3842541196 10 
Threaded Sleeve, D28L 3842541185 60 

GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.
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